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Big Elephant Services

Big Elephant offers different packages to meet your own personal goals. We do not mention everything that we offer in our packages so feel free to ask, if there is a service you require, which is not listed.

This is an essential package that will be our starting point with you, the artist, where the consultation is without any charges. Our client can request advice and Information about directions to go. This will give us an insight to judge how we can help our client towards their goals.

Studio’s, CD manufacturing, Pre Production, Production, Mixing, Arrangements, Songwriting, Music writing Mastering, Post Production, Live Recordings, Instruments, Engineers, Sound Production Teaching, Session Musicians, etc.

Live Shows/Concerts, World-Tours, Radio & TV Performances, Online Broadcasts Stage Building, Roadies, Tour Support, Accommodation, Catering, Logistics Security etc.

PR/ Publicity
Marketing, Promotion, Public Relations, Merchandising, Airplay , Design, Plugging, Video-Shoots, Publicists, Web site Development, Video Directors, Photographers, Media, Personal Appearances, Advertisement, Art Directors etc.

The Big Deal
Recording Deals, Publishing Deals, Imprints, Distribution Deals etc.

Legal Advice, Accounting, Endorsement Contracts, Negotiations, Representation Management , Business Management, Insurances, Royalty Tracking etc.